Scholarship recipients

University of the District of Columbia 2023

In 2020, the Structured Finance Foundation established a fund to provide scholarships to eligible students attending the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), a public historically black university, who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate finance, accounting or economics degree in its School of Business and Public Administration.

Elias Carson

Finance, UDC

“In the short term, this award will help me by ensuring my tuition for my final semester is covered, allowing me to dedicate more bandwidth towards my schoolwork and extracurricular activities. It also will help me down the road by giving me a head start on taking courses toward my master’s and alleviating some of the costs associated with the degree going forward. It would help personally by alleviating a lot of the stress associated with finding ways to fund my education. As someone who has paid their first 3 years out of pocket, not having to worry about it my senior lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Iyanna Jackson

Accounting and Finance, UDC

“The foundation scholarship would be instrumental in supporting my academic aspirations by providing financial assistance for my education and allowing me to focus on achieving my career goals. The scholarship would help me offset the cost of school insurance, books, and other expenses for my junior year…Help reduce stress and not have to worry about a financial hold on my school account. Provide me with access to networking opportunities and industry events, which would be invaluable for building my professional network and gaining exposure to different areas of the industry.”