April 26, 2023

Iyanna Jackson: UDC Scholarship Recipient Questionnaire

Iyanna Jackson: UDC Scholarship Recipient Questionnaire

I. Jackson photo

Tell us a little about yourself – where did you grow up, what are your hobbies and interests, what year are you in school, and/or when did you graduate?

I am a sophomore international student from Jamaica enrolled at the University of the District of Columbia, I am actively involved as a student-athlete in Women’s Track. Beyond academics and sports, I enjoy pursuing my hobbies, which include reading, traveling, and cooking. I graduated from high school in 2020 and I am set to graduate university in May 2025.

What are you studying in school and why did you choose that major?

My major is Accounting and Finance. I chose accounting because I had a passion for it since high school. I love working with numbers and I have a strong expertise for mathematics. I want to help businesses make informed decisions by providing them with accurate and timely financial information.

How did you hear/learn about the Structured Finance Foundation scholarship? What about the opportunity that seemed interesting to you?

I received an email from Professor Tan about the scholarship. This opportunity interested me because it can alleviate the financial load on myself and my family. Also, to showcase my accomplishments, skills, potential and how valuable I’ve been as a student.

What does being selected as a recipient of the scholarship mean to you?

Being selected is a great honor and privilege. This shows that the selection team recognized my potential and saw something in me worth investing in. It makes me feel proud and accomplished because it validates the work and effort I’ve put into my academic and extracurricular endeavors.

How will it help you achieve your academic, personal, and career goals, both in the short term and down the road?

The foundation scholarship would be instrumental in supporting my academic aspirations by providing financial assistance for my education and allowing me to focus on achieving my career goals. The scholarship would help me offset the cost of school insurance, books, and other expenses for my junior year and hopefully senior year. Help reduce stress and not have to worry about a financial hold on my school account. Provide me with access to networking opportunities and industry events, which would be invaluable for building my professional network and gaining exposure to different areas of the industry.

Where does your interest in finance/structured finance/business stem from?

I believe my interest in finance and business stems from a desire to comprehend how the financial system operates, to acquire the knowledge necessary to thrive in business, and to make a positive impact on the world.

What are other ways the partnership between SFA and UDC could be impactful to you and your fellow students?

Research on financial-related topics is one way that the relationship between SFA and UDC may have an impact. Students may get the chance to work on actual research projects in the real world and gain useful experience.

Are there particular aspects of SFA’s work that are especially appealing to you?

Specifically, I am interested in the Structured Finance Association’s focus on promoting transparency, stability, and efficiency in the market.