Scholarship recipients

Class of 2021

We are thrilled to introduce the first 11 recipients of the Structured Finance Foundation Scholarship Program. These outstanding students will receive a combined $100,000 in scholarships, which are expected to be renewed as they progress through their programs. We would very much like to thank our generous donors! You have changed the lives of the following exceptional young people:

Joyline Jefferson,

Career Mentee, Penn Wood HS, PA

Attending West Chester University, PA – Psychology

“I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity to receive this amazing scholarship. There were periods in my life when I thought I would never be able to go to college. Whether I was doubting myself, or my family finances, I thought that college would be impossible. This scholarship to me means hope. This scholarship is a blessing for me because a lot of my financial worries have been lifted off of my shoulders.”

Kirsten Green,

Youth Ambassador, Germantown Central HS, NY

Attending Concordia University, TX – Psychology

“This scholarship means everything to me, it gives me the opportunity to attend the school of my choice. It means I don’t have to worry about having twenty to thirty thousand dollars in loans for my education, instead I can worry about what I will need when I go to school thousands of miles away from my family. Growing up was hard for me. I lost both of my parents before the age of thirteen, and it was really difficult for me to express my feelings with the rest of my family. I went to a psychologist and it helped me open up and realize the gift I have of helping others. With the positive effects of seeing a psychologist, I soon realized that I want to do the same. With a masters in psychology, I want to become a high school guidance counselor.”

Hanan Ibrahim,

Youth Ambassador, Taconic Hills HS, NY

Attending Pace University, NY – Global Marketing

“This scholarship is an honor and a validation of the efforts I have put into myself, my academic career, and my community. It is an inspiring affirmation that making good choices can result to a good thing.”

Jamir Eskridge,

Career Mentee, Penn Wood HS, PA

Attending SUNY University at Stony Brook, NY – Computer Science

“The SFIG scholarship means so much to me, it gives me a pathway to support my post-secondary education and my future. It is motivation and a reminder of the hard work that I’ve put in throughout high school and continue that same worth ethic moving forward. My dream is to be a Software Developer for a major technology company. That is my current goal and the path that I am taking is leading me closer and closer to that dream.”

Gina Burger,

Youth Ambassador, Taconic Hills HS, NY

Attending Hudson Valley Community College, NY – Physical Education

“This scholarship means a lot to me because I’ve been recognized for the positive things that I’ve done. Graduating from college with a huge amount of debt is not something that I want to stress about. This is one of the reasons I chose to attend a community college for the first two years of my college career. My dream is to successfully complete my college education and begin my career in Physical Education. I want to share my enthusiasm about athletics and inspire my students to have the same enthusiasm. My coaches and teachers have been great role models and I hope that I can be the same for my students.”

Saniyah Edwards,

Youth Ambassador, Cesar Chavez PCS, Parkside D.C.

Attending University of the District of Columbia, D.C. – Nursing

“This scholarship means a lot to me as my main concern was how I was going to pay for college. It will help me pursue my goal of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. I want to become a nurse because my step father was hospitalized and I visited him on the regular to see what they would do to him. As time went by, I started to like what they were doing so I decided this is what I want to do. I dream that one day I will become a great nurse and live my life to the fullest.”

Rozeina Khan,

Youth Ambassador, Taconic Hills HS, NY

Attending Columbia – Greene Community College, NY – Nursing

“This scholarship means a great deal for me and it will help take some stress off me and my family. I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing because I want to be able to help care for people when they are at their lowest. I dream about having a steady, good paying job. I also dream about having extra money to help my mom out whenever I can. I believe the biggest reason some young people decide not to go to college because they do not have the money to go, and have no idea about the help they can receive.”

Dacheelynn Holt,

Career Mentee, Cesar Chavez PCS Parkside, D.C.

Attending North Carolina Central University, NC – Psychology

“This scholarship means the world to me, my family and I are so thankful for this scholarship. It is relieving some financial stress off of me and my family. I will be able to focus on my studies instead of worrying if I can actually afford my education or if my family is living well with an extra bill. I dream to be either a psychologist or a counselor, or even a forensic psychologist. I think a big reason many people decide not to go to college is because of the cost. College expenses can be a burden on a family and individual which can ultimately affect the student’s decision to go to college overall.”

Tykeia Wheeler,

Career Mentee, Cesar Chavez PCS Parkside, D.C.

Attending Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, PA – Law and Business

“This scholarship means a lot to me because this gives me a chance of going to college and pursuing my career. It will help me pay for college and get an education in the field I want to study. I want to become a Family Lawyer because I was once in a situation where we needed one and I now want to help other children who need the same. Many kids don’t have someone that would truly listen, and all I want to do is be that person. I am interested in business because I would like to own my own business one day. My businesses would be able to help others as well.”

Jermya Hemphill,

Career Mentee, Cesar Chavez PCS Parkside, D.C.

Attending Susquehanna University, PA – Business Administration

“This scholarship means everything to me. It means I have an opportunity to become better than I am today and will allow me to go to the college of my choice. I enjoy servicing other people and putting a smile on people faces. I also like being able to run things my own way so I felt the best way to do what I enjoy is to own my own business. I dream that I can come out of college debt free and own my own restaurant business.”

Cierra Crawford,

Career Mentee, Cesar Chavez PCS Parkside, D.C.

Attending Lincoln University, PA – Early Childhood Education

“This scholarship means so much to me. It will help me achieve my goals because I had to work hard for this scholarship and I will strive to do as best as I can in college. I dream of one day owning my own daycare center. I always had a passion of caring for children. I want to learn more of what that type of career is like. Most importantly, I want to graduate with a masters degree and live a stable life and have a family.”

The Structured Finance Foundation is partnering with Mentor Foundation USA and Scholarship America to further educational opportunities for underserved youth who have successfully completed Mentor Foundation USA‘s Career Mentoring or Youth Ambassador programs. The Structured Finance Foundation will also look to connect scholarship recipients to potential career opportunities within the significant network of Structured Finance Association member companies.