Scholarship Recipients

Helping Students Afford Higher Education

The scholarships funded by the Structured Finance Foundation will help ensure that students are afforded the opportunity to seek higher education or training.

Since 2017, the Structured Finance Foundation has awarded over $1.02M+ in scholarships to 40+ students.

Receiving the Structured Finance Foundation Scholarship has been a financial gift for my family. Typically, a low-income student has to work on breaks during the school year or even during session. Mentor Foundation USA and the Structured Finance Foundation have made me one of few students who can afford college despite a pandemic. I’ve been gifted with the time to be a young adult, focus on my studies, and prevent a health risk for myself and my family because of a job. As I return back to school I’m given a slight relief knowing that this scholarship covers part of my tuition.”

Richard Nukpeta

2019 Scholarship Recipient