Scholarship recipients

Class of 2024

We are proud to introduce four new scholarship recipients. The Structured Finance Foundation, in partnership with Mentor Foundation USA and Scholarship America has awarded four scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Grace Boudris

Attending University of Maryland, College Park

“This scholarship means the world to me. While my parents never had the chance to go to college, i will be the first in my family to attend. This scholarship makes it possible for me to achieve an education further than high school and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity! As for the LTE program, my eyes have been opened as to what is going on around me and in my community. It feels beyond rewarding when you try to spread positivity and awareness about things that can change peoples lives for the worse. It’s also amazing working with people who have the same interest and goals as you which is trying to change society for the better.”

Sierra Fowler

Attending Anne Arundel Community College

“This scholarship means my family won’t have to worry about me being able to further my education, especially with my brother being an addict himself and our family raising his children. I feel very blessed to be able to use my story to help others.”

Abigal Ward

United State Naval Academy

“This program has taught me a lot. It taught me I can create change in my own community as a student, it taught me how important it is to stand up for things I believe in, and it really taught me more about what it means to be a leader: to truly live the example, not just speak about it. This scholarship means that I can take these lessons and apply them in college and beyond as I strive to continue to have a positive impact in the communities around me.”

Tony Woo

Attending Florida Institute of Technology

“Thank you and the entire Mentor Foundation USA for selecting me as a scholarship recipient for the Structured Finance Foundation program. Winning this scholarship means the world to me and I hope I can somehow return the favor.

Helping my family and making them happy and proud is my top priority and receiving this scholarship does just that. The Mentor Foundation has brought the best out of me and I cannot thank them enough for that. The LTE program means an immense amount to me. It brings like minded people together with big goals and helps them reach their goals. The LTE program has given me a platform to express what I’m passionate about and it has even helped me create and strengthen both old and new relationships. I hope the LTE program can continue to inspire and motivate people just like it did to me. I’m beyond honored to receive this award and be apart of the LTE family.”